Graeme Pope

Graeme Pope


Graeme Pope graduated in Agricultural Science in 1976 at Roseworthy Agricultural College, South Australia and joined the SA Department of Agriculture as an Animal Health Adviser in 1977, providing advice to livestock owners on herd health programs and investigating stock losses across all livestock industries.

In 1984, he returned to Roseworthy College and completed post-graduate studies in agricultural extension, specialising in the intensive livestock industries, before returning to the Department in a specialist pig industry advisory role.

Over the next 26 years, he worked with both the South Australian and national pig industries on projects aimed at improving piggery productivity through the development of stockperson skills and on-farm implementation of new pig production technologies.

For 18 years he served on the board of management of the SABOR Artificial Breeding Centre, Clare at a time when the Australian pig industry was moving rapidly towards the adoption of artificial insemination as a routine breeding practice.

Time spent by Graeme familiarising himself with breeding management practices already implemented within Europe allowed him to return to the Australian pig industry and deliver short courses in pig AI to over 5,000 stock people across all Australian states and New Zealand.

Graeme retired from his Departmental role in 2011 but has continued to work privately since as a pig industry consultant based in South Australia.