There following sessions will form the Scientific Program and are closely aligned with those at past meetings:

IXth ICBSP 2019: Program and Invited Speakers
Session Speaker Topic (title of presentation)
Keynote Address Dagmar Waberski Application of preserved boar semen for artificial insemination: past, presence and future challenges.

Sperm Preservation

Juan E. Rodriguez-Gil

Inmaculada Parrilla

Sean Fair

Naomi Bernecic & Bart Gadella

Photostimulation and thermotaxis of sperm.

Proteomics and boar sperm preservation

Implications of boar sperm kinematics and rheotaxis for fertility after preservation.

Reverse cholesterol transport and the capacitation of boar spermatozoa.

Artificial Insemination

Jessica Rickard

Fate of sperm deposited in the female reproductive tract: a comparative view.


Peter Sutovsky

Jean Feugang

Stefanie Kurtz

Improving boar sperm quality by capacitation management.

Treatment of boar sperm with nano-particles for improved fertility.

Pre-determination of sex in pigs by application of CRISPR/Cas system for genome editing.

Genetics/ epigenetics

Shoba Ranganathan & Zainab Noor

Bioinformatics approaches for improving seminal plasma proteome analysis.

Quality control and Biosecurity

Darwin Reicks

Martin Schulze

Effective biosecurity to protect studs and clients from emerging infectious diseases.

New trends in production management in European boar studs

Semen assessment

Gry Boe-Hansen

An update on semen assessments by flow cytometry and CASA.

Seminal plasma

Marc Yeste

Xavier Druart

Potential of seminal plasma to improve the fertility of frozen-thawed boar spermatozoa.

Seminal plasma as a marker of sperm function and fertility.

In vivo and in vitro fertilisation

Raquel Romar

Jane Morrell

New molecules and protocols to consider in pig in vitro fertilisation.

Use of colloid centrifugation to enhance boar sperm quality during storage.