Darwin Reicks

Dr. Darwin Reicks


Dr. Darwin Reicks is the owner of Reicks Veterinary Research and Consulting in St. Peter, Minnesota USA which was founded in January 2017.  Previously, he worked in a large swine practice for 22 years.  RVRC is a Swine Veterinary Practice with emphasis on Boar Studs, Air Filtration, Biosecurity, Semen Analysis, and Research. Dr. Reicks was the recipient of the 2005 Al Leman Science in Practice Award from the University of Minnesota and the recipient of the Science with Practice award in 2017 from Iowa State University, and has been working with Boar Studs and Semen analysis for Swine for over 24 years. He also has implemented filtration systems in livestock facilities on over 100 farms over the last 13 years as part of their biosecurity program.  Dr. Reicks has consulted and/or given presentation in 12 different countries and 18 US states.  Dr. Reicks has over 150 professional papers and presentations and 11 peer reviewed publications.