Gry Boe Hansen

Dr. Gry Boe-Hansen


Dr. Gry Boe-Hansen grew up in Denmark and graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2001 from The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL), Denmark. She commenced her PhD studies at the same institution conducting a series of studies on sperm DNA integrity in relation to fertility in a variety of species using flow cytometry. In 2005 she started her academic career as Assistant Professor at the department of Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics at KVL. In 2007 she relocated to Australia and took up a teaching and research position as Lecturer at The University of Queensland at the School of Veterinary Science and became Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Reproduction in 2013. Her overall research theme is causes of and methods to improve suboptimal reproduction in livestock. She is particularly interested in andrology, with emphasis on genetic and environmental factors affecting reproduction. Her interest in semen and sperm quality has led to a number of publications in the field of sperm chromatin structure and seminal plasma protein in relation to fertility in domestic species. She has also been involved in the implementation of reliable, precise and accurate semen quality assays in both domestic animal semen laboratories and human fertility clinics.