Jane Morrell

Professor Jane Morrell


Professor Jane Morrell is a British veterinarian who received her PhD in sperm sexing by flow cytometry in 1987. Since then she has continued working in andrology and biotechnology research in several countries, mainly in academia but also five years in industry. She moved to Sweden in 1997, joining the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala in 2007 as an independent researcher. She was appointed Faculty Professor in Reproductive Biotechnologies at this University in 2012 and continues to occupy this position currently. Her main research interests are many and varied, but can be summarized as improving sperm quality (in its widest sense), and male/female gamete interactions. She has a particular interest in using assisted reproduction in conservation breeding of rare breeds and endangered species and, in addition, in the last few years she has been helping to develop methods for handling camelid spermatozoa. These species present a particular challenge to andrologists and animal breeders. An additional general interest is how to avoid the use of antibiotics in assisted reproduction to reduce antibiotic resistance.