Jean Feugang

Jean M Feugang, PhD


Dr. Feugang’s research experience with mammalian gamete manipulation began during his graduate studies at the French National Institute of Agriculture Research (INRA; Tours, France), where he set up the in vitro embryo production system that led to the first birth of piglets from completely in vitro-produced blastocysts. He gained additional education and research training during his doctoral (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) and postdoctoral fellowships at The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ and Mississippi State University, Starkville, MS. As a Research Associate Professor in reproductive biology in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Mississippi State University, Dr. Feugang leads numerous research projects investigating and expanding the fundamentals of mammalian gamete biology in order to increase embryo production success. His current work employs nanotechnology-based tools for enhancing reproductive performance of livestock, focusing primarily on the boar.

Dr. Feugang is author / co-author of more than fifty peer-reviewed publications (research articles, book chapters, and abstracts) that have been cited over 1,600 times (as of November 2018, Google Scholar). As an international scholar, Dr. Feugang has been invited to speak on his work at national and international scientific meetings in diverse forums across Africa, (the) Americas, and throughout Europe. His publication and outreach records are not only built on research activities supported by extra-mural funds from USDA-ARS and Morris Animal Foundation grants as well as intramural funds from Mississippi State University’s ORED, CALS/MAFES, and SEC agricultural divisions; but also from the successful contributions of motivated students and collaborators from both the academic and private sectors. Dr. Feugang is an active member of various professional honor societies (i.e. Society for the Study of Reproduction, International Embryo Technology Society), and routinely serves as an ad-hoc reviewer of various peer-reviewed scientific journals.