Jessica Rickard

Dr. Jessica Rickard


After completion of her PhD in 2014, Dr Rickard worked as a research assistant at The University of Sydney and as a visiting scientist at INRA, France before taking up a post-doctoral position at The University of Sydney in 2015. Here she has positioned herself as an expert in applied sheep reproduction and technology at the nexus of academia and industry. She is currently the McCaughey Research Fellow within the McCaughey Sheep Reproduction Initiative established at the University of Sydney to improve the success of artificial breeding and fertility within the Australian sheep industry.  Towards this goal she is working to modernise and automate the collection, storage and analysis of sheep fertility data using novel sensor technology and app development. Other research interests include the interaction of seminal plasma, sperm and the female tract, proteomics and semen preservation as well as embryo loss in the ewe.  Dr Rickard also applies these research interests and skills to wildlife captive breeding programs within Australian zoos, with a particular emphasis on rhinoceros semen preservation and artificial insemination.