Xavier Druart

Dr Xavier Druart

Dr Druart commenced his research career under the supervision of Dr Jean-Louis Dacheux (CNRS, France) where he completed a PhD on the epididymal maturation of ram spermatozoa. Following his PhD, Dr Druart joined the R&D Department of UNCEIA (National Union of AI cooperatives), Maisons Alfort, France where he developed methods of semen assessment and novel in vitro predictors of sperm quality and fertility. In 2004, he joined the Physiology of Reproduction and Behaviour Unit of INRA, Nouzilly, France. Here Dr Druart focused his attention on ram semen preservation in collaboration with the ovine artificial insemination industry before launching a research team called Cellular Interactions and Fertility at the same INRA PRC Unit in 2010. Since this time he has pioneered the use of proteomic and advanced imaging techniques to study the interaction between sperm, seminal plasma, semen preservation methods and the female reproductive tract. This work initially focused on sheep, but has grown to include numerous other species including pigs, horses and goats, amongst others. He maintains active collaborations with numerous laboratories worldwide, including The University of Sydney (where he completed a sabbatical in 2009-10) and The University of Limerick. He has published over 50 original research and review articles, been invited to present his research at numerous international meetings, holds 2 patents and has received significant funding from government and industry sources throughout his career.